Alcohol — Kuleana Rum Works

We grow, cut, and juice 40 varieties of native Hawaiian heirloom kō (sugarcane) on our farm at Upolu on the northern point of the Big Island. We deliver the fresh juice to our distillery in Kawaihae to be transformed into a world-class rum agricole (rum made from fresh sugarcane juice).

As serious rum lovers, we make super-premium rum in two ways: we distill fresh Hawaiian sugarcane juice into elegant rum agricole (less than 3 percent of the world’s rum is made this way) grown on our farm in Kohala, Hawai‘i; and we blend rums from around the world – carefully chosen for their purity and rich taste – into innovative and delicious products not available anywhere else in the world.

In Hawaiʻi, kuleana is a combination of rights based on one’s responsibility. By using kuleana in our name, we accept the kuleana to make our products with deliberate intent and personal accountability.