Birdsong is a nature and heritage inspired restaurant, that is currently focused on the Pacific Northwest region. Dishes highlight key ingredients from this region; such as cold-water shellfish, wild game, berries and mushrooms. Chef Chris grew up in New England, however he has spent most of his cooking years on the West Coast. These influences have allowed him to notice the similarities between New England and the Pacific Northwest which is why he wanted to open Birdsong with this focus. He calls the Pacific Northwest the “New England of the West Coast.”

Birdsong’s quest to preserve fundamental cooking techniques of the past in a contemporary setting is inspired by, naturalist writer Michael Frome’s sentiment that “each succeeding generation accepts less and less of the real thing because it has no way of understanding what has been lost.”

Here at Birdsong, we want to restore the past and meld it with new ideas and creativity to ultimately celebrate each ingredient. We utilize ancient cooking methods such as open fire and smoke, dry-age and fermentation techniques. Each day the menu is crafted based on the finest offerings from our network of small farms, ranches, and fisheries. We will intentionally avoid conventional agriculture in order to support local substantiality and bring flavor and creativity to the forefront.

Why Birdsong?
Birdsongs symbolize harmony and in balance with nature; the two most guiding principles in our cuisine.

Our restaurant is inspired by the natural habitat of the past and is looking to bring back some of the ingredient/styles/techniques that were used then to present day – a harmony of past and present. The sound of birds singing signifies that there is balance in that environment. Birds are in tune with change in seasons – for example birdsongs are more frequent with increasing daylight hours. Birds are symbolic of revival and are one of the first responders of wildlife to return after a natural disaster.

We also want to connect city to nature. Birds are the first to inhabit park land in urban areas.When parks are built, birds start coming in only when there are grains, water, insects and crucial elements that are important for balance in nature.  Due to their role in spreading seeds, they symbolize regrowth.

And last but not the least, the word seems playful and light, that’s the feeling we want for the restaurant.


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