Culinary Innovations — Eatsa

An end-to-end technology suite for restaurants that integrates the entire process from digital ordering channels to fulfillment to pickup.

Past Projects

Revolutionize restaurants using technology and design to delight and empower both customers and operators.

We believe in creating greater accessibility to the food people love.

We believe in a future…
Where the restaurant industry is revolutionized through tools and technology that empower restaurants to lower their prices and improve food quality.

Where a budding restaurateur with a creative vision is able to launch and grow a business capable of thriving. Where restaurants know their customers – their names, their favorite dishes, their dietary preferences – and can personalize the experience to match. Where customers are able to order how they want, when they want. Where fast food is truly FAST. Where even grabbing a quick lunch can be a fun and magical experience. Because we believe everyone deserves access to better food, better experiences, and to have a little more magic in their day.

Be human.
We may build robots, but we lead with empathy. We seek to understand others by listening with intention, inquiring with curiosity, and withholding judgement. This brings us closer to what people do, how they feel, and what they need.

1 + 1 = 3
We don’t mean to brag, but we are really good at collaborating. We encourage direct and ego-free communication, and we value others’ opinions. We get to the best answers when diverse perspectives are heard and respected.

Imagine better.
While others aim to think outside the box, for us, there is no box. Using creativity and ingenuity, we blaze new trails every day in our quest to deliver magic.

Grab the bowl by the horns.
No one said this was going to be easy. We are disrupting an industry and tackling one hard problem after the next, but we have grit. We are fearless and resilient. When we fall, because of course we will fall, we dust ourselves off and get back on.

We practice focus, like Mr. Miyagi with his chopsticks. We don’t let the seemingly urgent get in the way of the important. When we prioritize what we do and when we do it, we have the power to say no.

Own it.
We are in this together and will each impact the future of eatsa. We don’t have to ask for permission or wait to be told. We trust each other and ourselves. No second-guessing.

Make it awesome.
The eatsa experience is unparalleled, and in order to stay ahead we cannot stop pursuing greatness. Across every team, in everything we do we always strive to aim higher.