Culinary Innovations — Spark Grills

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Grill without the guesswork.

The right heat can be tough to nail on a grill. With oven-like temperature control, and a range between 250 up to 900F, Spark lets you do more than ever with charcoal.

Spark is a revolutionary charcoal grill that can function as a smoker, a grill or even a pizza oven.

How? Well, a lot of the magic of Spark comes from our custom charcoal Briqs, which are specially designed and for different cooking times and temperature ranges, and tuned to work together with the grill.

Our Low & Slow Briq (200-300F, 6-8 hours) allows your Spark to work like a smoker for classic barbecue, our Everyday Briq (450-600F, 60-90 minutes) is designed for grilling just about anything, and our High Heat Briq (600-900F, 30-45 minutes) enables your Spark to hit super high temps like a wood-fired pizza oven. By bringing this level of thoughtful design to Spark, we’ve made it easier, more versatile and more controlled than ever before to cook with charcoal.