San Francisco

heritage cuisine by 
chef christopher bleidorn

“Each succeeding generation accepts less and less of the real thing because it has no way of understanding what has been lost.”

-Michael Frome

Sustenance. Identity. Art.

While it is all of those things, our cooking centers on the belief that food is a conduit of values, wisdom and tradition.

Knowing our context in place and time informs the ways we cook – preserving the wisdom of the past, while allowing room for growth as our understanding of the world evolves.

Our menu focuses on ingredients in the most whole form that we can find them, grown and raised by producers who understand and respect the rhythms of the ecosystems they inhabit. This typically means produce that is in season, which in turn means they are at their best and most flavorful. Local vegetables and whole animals remind us of all that is sacrificed to enable us to eat, and eat well.
We respect and carry the weight of that responsibility.


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